your promises look like lies [pt.1]

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One and only;

A project inspired from the loss of a very important person who died in January 6th 2012. The picture would describe the unstable emotional status that I lived after that day…

The alternating states of heart and soul. In a conflicting succession of emotions and feelings. Moments of strength and weakness dissolve the essence in an attempt to overcome the pain that still burns deep inside …
The spirit wasn’t satisfied, the soul wasn’t quiet, not appeased the heart …Restless thoughts haunted her. There was no mask could hide her weakness.
There was no place where she could hide her weakness.
Dreams assailed her, stirring the soul. She hid in the darkness to escape her pain…
He took his soul and lifted it up, it was shining of a new light.
When he left, what remained wer soul and lifted up, it shining new light.

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